Pink Fairy Cleaning is an exciting new Domestic Cleaning Business servicing homes in the Hunter Valley Region of New South Wales.

We have been in operation since March 2017, starting out with the founder, Ally Baker, as the first cleaning fairy. She worked hard to ensure that she provided a high level of cleaning to all of her clients while using only natural cleaning methods that consist mainly of vinegar and essential oils. 

Since January 2018, Pink Fairy now has four cleaning fairies. These cleaning fairies are trained and managed by Ally to ensure that the high cleaning standard is maintained. 

So why natural methods?

There are so many toxins and chemicals used in products today and we don't want our clients homes to cleaned with them. 

Our clients are amazed at how there homes smell fresh and sparkle. There are so many health benefits from using essential oils and vinegar in the home, especially for people who suffer from asthma and other sinus issues.

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Service Area

We service homes in the Hunter Valley Region from Newcastle to Singleton.


Our aim is to help as many homes and families as we can to alleviate the stress and time it takes to clean your home and give this back to you.


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Pink Fairy Cleaning Service is a Domestic Cleaning Business in the Hunter Valley Region