Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning; The moments when we want to improve the space we live in. 

Sometimes we get to a point where there is not enough space for all our things and this usually prompts us to get rid of those items we no longer use. The would often involve trips to the local tip or having a garage sale to get some cash back on those items that can be re-used in another home.

This is a great start in improving your space but there are other items that can help too. Cleaning walls, windows, fans, lights, and removing cobwebs are some items we appreciate when it is done but we don't always have time to do it. 

At Pink Fairy Cleaning we understand how wonderful it feels to have a home that has been spring cleaned, so we love to help out homes achieve this. 

So, if you would like to have someone provide that extra touch on your home, we would love for you to call.


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Pink Fairy Cleaning Service is a Domestic Cleaning Business in the Hunter Valley Region